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Leg 37 can accommodate a limited number of participants; you will be contacted for availability. You will be required to pay a $80 fee for this leg in addition to the $30 registration fee. This must be paid to reserve a spot.

For exact start times, specific locations, and a course map, see the Relay Info page.

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LegRating LevelActivityMilesDescription
1 Family Run/Bike 3.2 Fairbanks AST Post to Graehl Landing
2 Watercraft 7.2 Graehl Landing to Pikes Landing
3 Family Bike 7.2 Pikes Landing to Ester Vol. Fire Department
4 Bike 25.5 Ester Vol. Fire Department to Mile Post 326 pullout
5 Bike 21.5 Mile Post 326 pullout to A Frame Chevron
6 Bike 21.0 A Frame Chevron to Anderson Rd. Junction (283.5)
7 Bike 21.5 Anderson Rd. Junction to June Creek rest area (269.6)
8 Bike 38.5 June Creek rest area to 49th State Brewery (248.5)
9 Bike 38.5 49th State Brewery to Cantwell AST (Denali MP 1)
10 Bike 24.4 Cantwell AST to Chulitna Wayside 24.4 miles
11 Bike 23.0 Chulitna Wayside to Coal Creek Trail Head
12 Hike 17.0 Coal Creek Trail Head to Ermine Trail
13 Hike 17.0 Ermine Trail Head to Byers Lake (MP 147)
14 Bike 10.0 Byers Lake to Chulitna River Bridge (MP 137)
15 Raft 30.0 Chulitna River Bridge to Talkeetna Boat Landing
16 Bike 16.0 Talkeetna Boat Landing to Sunshine Tesoro (MP 99).
17 Bike 27.6 Sunshine Tesoro to Willow Fishook (MP 71.2).
18 Mtn Bike 17.7 Willow Fishook to Last Chance Coffee Hut (MP 17.1)
19 Mtn Bike 12.4 Last Chance Coffee Hut to start of Hatcher Pass Road
20 Bike 14.5 Start of Hatcher Pass Road to New Trunk Rd./Palmer Wasilla Highway
21 Family Run/Bike 4.5 New Trunk Rd./Palmer Wasilla Highway to Palmer AST Post
22 Family Run/Bike 9.5 Palmer AST Post to Old Glenn Knik River Bridge
23 Kayak 9.0 Old Glenn Knik River Bridge to Knik River Bridge (MP 30.6)
24 Bike 6.1 Knik River Bridge (MP 30.6) to Mirror Lake (Mile 24.5)
25 Swim 1.0 Mirror Lake (Mile 24.5) to Mirror Lake Park (MP 24.5)
26 Bike 25.5 Mirror Lake Park to AST HQ 5700 E. Tudor Road
27 Fun Bike 11.0 AST HQ to Westchester Lagoon
28 Fun Bike 9.3 Westchester Lagoon to Kincaid Park via Coastal Trail
29 Fun Bike 12.0 Kincaid Park via Coastal Trail to APD Training Center
30 Bike 5.5 APD Training Center to Turnagain Arm Trailhead
31 Hike 10.0 Turnagain Arm Trailhead to Windy Corner (MP 106.7)
32 Bike 9.5 Windy Corner to Beaver Creek Trail (MP 91.5)
33 Trail Run 2.5 Beaver Creek Trail to Iditarod Trailhead
34 Run 6.0 Crow Creek Road (gravel road) to Winner Creek Trailhead
35 Fun Hike 3.0 Winner Creek Trailhead to Alyeska Daylodge
36 Bike 34.7 Alyeska Daylodge to Pullout 54.5 Seward Highway
37 Raft 10.0 Pullout 54.4 Seward Highway to Chugach Outdoor Center (Mi 7.7)
38 Bike 11.3 Chugach Outdoor Center to Resurrection Pass Trailhead
39 Video Mtn. Bike 39.0 Resurrection Pass Trailhead to Cooper Landing Boat Launch
40 Kayak/Canoe 12.0 Cooper Landing Boat Launch to Ranger Station
41 Kayak/Canoe 12.0 Ranger Station to Primrose Campground (Mi. 18 Seward Highway)>
42 Hike 11.0 Primrose Campground to Bear Creek Fire Sation
43 Run 3.2 Bear Creek Fire Station to Safeway in Seward
44 Run 5.2 Safeway in Seward to Sea Life Center
45 Finish 0 Seward Sealife Center


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